I am an experienced and pragmatic Software and DevOps Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer engineering industry for more than 14 years. My skills include JavaScript, Python, Go, PHP, C++, Java, IaaC, Docker, Kubernetes, Data pipelines, and other programming languages and tools for building software, tools, processes, and infrastructures. My professional engineering focus is on Software Development, DevOps, and Data Engineering. Moreover, I like to experiment with ML, AI, and blockchain technologies.

Dedicated to bringing high-quality software and infrastructure solutions for complex projects using a well-known and proven software approach - Domain Driven Design, best DevOps practices, best Data Engineering practices, and increasing the code quality in all areas with software development processes like TDD and BDD. Also, I am developing high-quality DevOps solutions and tools to support the whole SDLC from development to deployment.

I am a strong supporter of good design and clean code in an enthusiastic way.

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